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The sea inspires many emotions that are different for each individual. With this project, the Sail X Team is offering sailing to companies as a training tool to enhance managerial skills in a new environment and build relationships. It is an opportunity to discover the pleasures of sailing while reinforcing the group’s cohesive dynamic: an invitation to involve your teams in a water sport that demands a high level of cooperation, good communication, and solidarity between team members to successfully achieve a common goal.

The experience leads to an overall improvement in team dynamics and employees’ motivation.


  • To organise a complete team-building experience
  • To practice creative, sporting and/or cultural activities – available all year round
  • To unite a team within your company
  • To participate in an exciting and memorable sport to motivate, highlight and/or reward a division or sales team in your company.


A strategy based on a common goal and teamwork is essential for leading a crew at sea.

A team needs to have reasons for its actions if they are to perform well. At sea, humility and solidarity are essential values and the same applies for a company. A close-knit team is one that is ready to face the odds to reach its destination. Winning together as a team gives every individual confidence!

Because teams need a reason to be motivated and companies need results, YCM instructors who coach at competition level are best placed to share their expertise and supervise you.
This is why the Sail X Team programme is for you.