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  • Location: Yacht Club Monaco
  • Language: UK
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  • Prerequisites: No
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  • Course Capacity: 50
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  • Level 2 : from the 26 until the 28 May 2021
  • Level 3 : Date to come

We are running WSET (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) training courses which lead to internationally recognized academic qualifications and also qualify toward the PYA Interior qualifications.

We are running these in conjunction with the local WSET Approved Program Providers. The courses are taught in English, but translation into French is available if needed.

The emphasis is on fun, food and tasting. Not a stuffy academic exercise – wine is a drink after all!

Our Master of Wine (MW) will guide you through a range of different and illustrative wines across the styles available, using examples from all over the world. Discover exactly why you like the wines you like, and the opposite of course. All useful stuff, and an increasingly valuable social skill.

LEVEL 2*: 

A detailed introductory look at the world’s most well-known wines & spirits, grape varieties and regions, tasting around 48 different wines.

*Level 1 is not mandatory.

Duration: 3 days

Fee: €750 per person


A thorough examination of the world’s wine producing areas in great detail, tasting around 85 different wines. Taught by a Master of Wine (MW) the highest qualification in wine, and featuring yachting level wine sample quality.

*Level 2 is mandatory

Duration: 5 days

Fee: €1, 100 per person