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Management in the yachting world

November 14 - November 17 2300€

MANAGEMENT IN the yachting world

14 - 17 November 2022

4 Days






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Course structure:

With our partners, Luxury Hospitality, we aim to devlop, coach and mentor individuals and entire departments via our unique 360 approach designed to unleash an individual’s true talent and potential. 

This training is accredited by guest, upon completion you will receive a GUEST Unit 17 Leadership Foundations and LH certificate. 


Day 1 – Leading Self 

AIM: to understand yourself, your motivations and your purpose, create your goals and develop your strategy for success. 

Key take aways:

  • Connect with your own natural strengths and preferences with the help of the LH Dynamics assessment tool
  • Gain clarity on your vision and your dreams – ensure your ladder is leaning against the wall of your choice 
  • Identify the steps you need to take towards your destiny 
  • Restore balance to your life and focus your energy on your highest priorities 
  • Learn how to make responsability for your behaviour and support your own growth by being more proactive in your sohere of influence


Day 2 – Leading Others

AIM: Explore how to communicate with others and a learn the character-based code for effective human interaction and collaboration.

Key take aways: 
  • Shift your focus to finding wins for everybody in your team 
  • Learn how to listen in a way that deepens your understand of others
  • Practise collaborating with others to find solutions to old problems 
  • Gain confidence in expressing your perspectives clearly
  • Find creative ways to build teamwork and create a collaborative culture


Day 3 – Leading Teams 

AIM: to learn the critical practices that leaders need in order to engage and motivate their teams to achieve their shared goals and deliver results.

Key take aways: 

  • Explore critical mindset shifts that will maximise your success as a leader 
  • Deepen your understanding of challenges within the team 
  • Support and empower your team to take responsability, trust their own decision making and solve problems 
  • Practise giving feedback to develop team member confidence and competence; improve your own performance by seeking feedback from others
  • Identify how to support your team’s self-development to help them navigate change and achieve high performance
  • Understand how to create a plan that focuses the team on its most important priorities
  • Strengthen your ability to be an effective leader by integrating the 5 Energy Drivers


Day 4 – Support your team’s growth

AIM: to understand how to develop a learning culture onboard which takes into account the differing situations and  the leadership styles they require. Understanding the development needs of each of the crew in your team and help them to be the best they can be in their role.

Key take aways: 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to adopt a flexible leadership style
  • Feel more confident in your ability to resolve conflict and create harmony within your team 
  • Gain confidence in how to motivate and inspire your team 
  • Gain deeper insight into how to create high performing teams
  • Understand how to identify and reduce the causes of stress 
  • Created an action plan that will allow you to hit the ground running on your return to the yacht 

La Belle Classe Academy


The investment is €2300 per person. 


All packages include the course materials, certificates, coffee, tea, drinks and snacks during the training. The course commences each day around 9.00am to 6.00pm.

November 14 - November 17
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La Belle Classe Academy