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Course structure:

Day 1 : LH Dynamics

The first step towards improving your communication, emotional intelligence and leadership skills is self-awareness. This Process can be revelatory for people. Through our Talent assessment and LH Dynamics training, our coaches will guide you towards a deeper understanding of yourself and others.

As you discover where your inherent strengths and talents lie, you’ll increase your confidence, develop your self-compassion and improve your relationships with your colleagues. The results often prove to be life changing for participants.


Day 2 : Bartending Basics

From sophisticated classics like the Manhattan to cheekier modern-day favourites, learn how to create a wide variety of cocktails with aplomb. We cover bar setup, tools for perfecting techniques and why choosing the right glass makes all the difference to the taste. You’ll leave feeling far more confident about serving international guests onboard superyachts.

What we will cover:

• basic spirit knowledge and what to stock onboard

• how to pour – all the techniques you need

• setting up the bar and mise en place

• shake, stir, blend, layer and muddle – perfect your drink-making skills

• classic cocktails and modern-day favourites

• creating the perfect drink with speed and efficiency


Day 3 : Mixology

Mixology is more thank just mixing drinks. From flaming zest to Flairing and garnishing you’ll learn how to stimulate the senses and create unforgettable guest experiences.

As you grow in confidence and build on your knowledge you’ll have the chance to keep perfecting your impressive new skills and put them into action. The day will finish with a set of exercises to help you feel more at ease creating cocktails under pressure.

What we will cover:

• taste and flavour

• staging cocktails – elevating guest experience

• the principles of mixology – create synergy with dilution and balancing

• garnishes

• cockatil trends

• cocktail presentations


Day 4 & 5 : Service Specialist

From Synchronised Service to filleting, carving and flambé skills, during this two-day program we will super-charge your confidence across a wide variety of service styles. You’ll receive explanations, theories, continual guidance and mentoring, as well as the opportunity to put a number of things you’ve learnt into practice.

By the end of the two days, you’ll feel more confident about the Art of Service. But more importantly, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the unique set of talents and strengths you have to offer your team and yacht.

What we will cover:

• role of Sterward/ess

• service management – organisational approach

• service styles, service sequence and service plan

• table settings and table seating

• wine and Champagne service techniques

• communication – verbal and non-verbal

• Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)

• mise en place

• presentation techniques

• arrival and departure

• blending protocol / etiquette

• how to handle complaints with ease and grace


Day 6 : Cigars, Shisha and Specialty Tea

Shisha smoking has been around for centuries and, over time, has been introduced in many different cultures. Each one has their own take on the process of set-up and smoking but we’ll make sure you’re comfortable with all of them. You’ll learn about every component of the shisha – from set-up to managing the heat output, packing shisha bowls and meeting guest expectations. Our trainers have worked on board some of the largest and most unique yachts ever built, so you’ll benefit from their unmatched expertise.

What we will cover:

• the history of shisha

• the mechanics of shisha and its different varieties

• shisha bowls

• tobacco

• cleaning procedures

• etiquette

• shisha mixology

• shisha meets seven star service

La Belle Classe Academy


The investment is €575 (VAT free) per person, per day. 


All packages include the course materials, certificates, coffee, tea, drinks and snacks during the training. The course commences each day around 9.00 and wraps between 17.00 and 18.00.


  • LHM certification; Luxury Hospitality Service Specialist
  • GUEST IAMI certification; Yacht Interior Advanced
    Service – Level 1 [ESSENTIALS]
  • GUEST IAMI certification; Yacht Interior Advanced
    Service – Level 2 [ADVANCED]
La Belle Classe Academy
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