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Course structure:

Protecting yourself against cybersecurity risks: a simple, accessible, useful training course designed just for you. Private and professional life, learn to protect what matters to you!

Every month we will discuss a different subject: 




How to protect your data : 

  • Keep control of your data when you need to share / send sensitive data
  • Is cloud safe for my data?
  • Prevention: manage your back-up for your data
  • Cookies, what are they? 
  • How to detect bad practices with a third party
  • Solutions and good practices

Make my organization strong and resilient: TBC

  • Explore your attack surface
  • Define your strategy
  • How to use diversification in digital security
  • Monitor your digital practices
  • Keep progressing with technology evolutions
  • BCP basics

Topics discussed during a private session (€594 for 3 persons): 

Surface of a cyberattack on an individual, a family, a family office, a SME

Motivations of cybercriminals and concrete examples

Good practices, practical cases and examples of everyday life

Technological solutions that are easy to install and use

How to react in case of danger or attack


Your role in regards to your IT service provider or IT manager





La Belle Classe Academy


On site: €180 and €216 for non-members.

Remotely: €150 and €180 for non-members.

Private session on request: €495 and €594 for non-members, 3 people max at YCM, on board or at home.

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