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Course structure:

Protecting yourself against cybersecurity risks: a simple, accessible, useful training course designed just for you, taught by Alexandre Bayeux, founder of YachtCyberSafe. Private and professional life, learn to protect what matters to you!


Accessing and protecting your data: 

– Best practice,

– Managing your identifiers, 

– Choosing a password safe,

– Checking the integrity of a file or link,

– Analysing phishing.


Mobiles : 

– Check your smartphone yourself, 

– Close points of vulnerability, 

– Adopting good practices for yourself and your family.

Good digital hygiene in 2024: 

– Artificial Intelligence: progress and threats to consider.


Topics covered during a private session (€594 for 3 people):

-Surface of a cyber attack on an individual, a family, a family office, an SME.

-Motivations of cybercriminals and concrete examples

-Best practices, case studies and real-life examples

-Technological solutions that are easy to install and use

-How to react in the event of danger or attack

-Your role vis-à-vis your IT service provider or IT manager







cyber security course

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On site: €180 and €216 for non-members.

Remotely: €150 and €180 for non-members.

Private session on request: €495 and €594 for non-members, 3 people max at YCM, on board or at home.

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