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Entry Level Yachting Qualifications

Depending on whether you would like to work onboard a yacht or at a land based job in yachting (charter manager, broker, yacht agent, etc.) there are different trajectories.

Land Based

Want to work in yachting but you aren’t sure where to start or what exactly you would like to do?

We have a 10 week Yachting Masterclass where you get a 360° overview of the entire yachting industry. Meet experts and learn everything from yacht design, engineering, maritime law to brokerage, yacht agencies and crew.

You can choose to the entire program or just the modules that interest you.

Sea Based

Where to start ?

The first qualification you will need for any job onboard a yacht is your STCW Basic Training.

This qualification is required for everyone from deckhands, stewardesses to chefs and captains. You will need to refresh it every 5 years and won’t get a job onboard without it.

What’s Next?

Depending on which department you choose to specialize in, there are courses you will need in order to achieve your career in yachting.

Jobs on yachts are divided into 4 departments and the entry level course(s) for each position are as follows:

Deck – Power Boat Level II, Efficient Deckhand 
we will provide these soon

Interior – Service Specialist : Hospitality Training

Galley – Food Hygiene (HABC Level 2)

Engineering – Approved Engine Course (AEC)
We can refer you to another training center for this course

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