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Course structure:

Are you new to the yachting industry and looking to increase your chances of securing a position as a steward(ess)?

Alternatively, if you already possess experience in the field and are seeking to further refine your skills, this GUEST-certified program offers a versatile approach. You can opt to complete the entire program or selectively focus on specific topics to enhance your proficiency.


Silver Service – Hospitality for Interior Crew

Practice and perfect all service styles, the correct etiquette and learn about guest preferences.  

What we will cover:

  • Your role as a steward(ess)
  • The principles of onboard guest service & service techniques
  • Meeting the guest dining experience expectations, the attention to detail required and going the extra mile.
  • High Standards of presentation & etiquette expected
  • Guest preferences and cultural & dietary requirements,
  • Food Safety standards
  •  Mise en Place for service, the order of service, correct table lay & good use of table decorations
  • Food Service Styles – Silver Service, Butler Service, Plated Service and Synchronized Service
  • Food Services – Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Service, Room Service, as well as Caviar service
  • How to prepare and present basic Barista & Hot Beverage service


Housekeeping & Laundry Services

Feel confident in your skills and learn how to maintain & use the correct products on the fabrics and finishings inside a yacht. 

What we will cover:

  • How to clean & detail guest cabins & bathrooms
  • How to clean & maintain crew areas
  • How to clean & maintain the fabrics, surfaces & finishing’s found in a typical luxury yacht
  • The professional laundry practices and procedures
  • How to maintain & follow laundry duties efficiently
  • How to respectfully & discreetly handle guest personal items
  • How to pack & unpack guest luggage
  • How to correctly hang, store & place guest garments & personal items.


Wine, Bartending & Mixology

Create an unforgettable guest experience by improving your knowledge on the enhancing your expertise across a diverse array of spirits.

What we will cover:

  • The world of wine, comparative tasting, wine making, food pairing and faulty wine
  • Regions and grapes of the world relevant to the yachting industry
  • Principles of professional wine service, wine service preparation, opening, tasting and presentation
  • Correct wine storage and relevant conditions on-board a yacht
  • The main spirits and recognizes the classic service for spirits and mixers used
  • The elements of a great cocktail and cocktail making terminology and how to use the required tools
  • The preparation and service using the correct techniques and methods to serve cocktails

Want to go in more depth? Check out our WSET Level 2 & 3 courses. 


Cigar Service

Feel comfortable in your presentation style and handling of cigars, the new new YCM Cigar lounge will open its doors to you. 

What we will cover:

  • The history, origin & production of cigars
  • The various brands and names of cigars
  • The various strengths & tastes of cigars
  • How to source, order & purchase cigars
  • How to store, handle & cut cigars
  • How to provide proficient cigar service
  • Common drink & cigar paring

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