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The course is part of the Monaco Weather Lab programme coordinated by “La Belle Classe Academy” and will cover the main aspects of practical marine weather. The course introduces the very basics of marine weather with further technical and practical techniques discussed to assist in safer navigation for all maritime activities. The participants will acquire and develop the ability to observe and understand the weather at sea.

Course structure:

The course is delivered over three online sessions lasting about 1h30 each. A group of guest speakers will take turns including Francesco Pasi (Forecaster and researcher of the Lamma Weather Center), Christian Dumard ( Weather routing expert), Gianfranco Meggiorin (coordinator of Navimeteo), Tim Sykes ( Oceanographer and Marine Operations Manager) and other contributions from specialists operating in the weather and maritime industry. 

Programme (5:30pm-7:00pm) : 

Module 1:  Oceanography and Meteorology   – Thursday 17th October 2024

The Mediterranean and the Oceans 

Notes on Climate Change

The Reference Meteorological sources

Forecasting and Nowcasting Techniques 

Thunderstorms and Lightning Detection


Module 2: Direct Observation of Sea Weather – Thursday 14th November 2024

Meterology and the internet 

Weather models and how to use them

Interpreting synoptic charts 

Heavy weather and critical marine weather conditions 


Module 3: Coastal Effects and Offshore Passages – Thursday 12th December 2024

Route simulations

Significant events and case studies 

Port Operations 

Practical examples

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Package of 3 sessions : 180€

Free for YCM Members



Module 1: Oceanography and Meteorolog: Thursday 17th October 2024

Module 2: Direct Obsersavation of Sea Weather: Thursday 14th November 2024

Module 3: Coastal Effects and Offshore Passages: Thursday 12th 2024


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