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Course structure:


The course is designed to provide all of the necessary tools for hard working and ambitious individuals to become capable and knowledgeable yacht brokers.

Graduates of the course will become familiar with the most common contracts used in a yacht sale, on both sides of the Atlantic and irrespective of whether the vessel is pre-owned or in construction.

Realistic expectations are given regarding how much a yacht broker can earn, and the commission structure is clearly explained.

Students are warned of the common pitfalls that even experienced brokers fall into, and valuable advice is given so that they can effectively deal with both buyers and sellers of yachts.

Clear guidance is given to allow the student to market yachts that are for sale in an effective manner.


Ideal for: 

Ideal for inexperienced and semi-experienced yacht brokers.

Crew and other individuals in the yachting industry who wish to become yacht brokers.

Professionals in the luxury industry who wish to expand their professional credentials to serve their client in a broader way.

Realtors with a client base of UHNWI’s

Yacht Owners who wish to gain a better understanding of yacht purchase transactions and the role of a broker.

YCM members

Cluster members


Module Learning outcomes: 

-Understand the role of a yacht broker

-Understand how to effectively serve a buyer and a seller

-Be aware of the pitfalls that should be avoided

-Have an understanding the major contracts used in buying and selling a yacht

-Be prepared for marketing a yacht that is for sale

Yacht Brokerage appears to be glamorous and lucrative career, and for many it has provided an exciting and fulfilling lifestyle too.

Behind the glamour though there is a serious profession, and for every yacht broker that appears to be succesful there are many more that have failed.

The difference between success and failure in this fast moving  industry lies in two things :

-Having a solid grounding in the knowledge needed to serve your client

-Working hard to put that knowledge to good use.

Endorsed by the world’s leading marine law firms and superyacht service providers, the Yacht Broker Masterclass is unique in its content-laser focused to put hard working and determined individuals in a position to sell superyachts.

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9 week program online: 4500€ 



Following the entire 9 week course will get you a completion certificate subject to passing a series of quizzes for each module.

Free E-Book “Breaking in to Yacht Brokerage” by Tutor David Seal

Life Time access

Continual updates and addition of new information

Internal community page for students to compare experiences and ask questions.

Graduating students will be put in touch with a recruitment company specialising in finding work for yacht brokers.


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