Leadership 4 Day Program


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  • Course Duration: 4 days
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  • Certificate: Yes
  • Location: Monaco
  • Language: ENGLISH
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  • Prerequisites: No
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With our partners, Luxury Hospitality, we aim to develop, coach and mentor individuals and entire departments via our unique 360 approach designed to unleash an individual’s true talent and potential.

This training is accredited by GUEST, upon completion you will receive a GUEST Unit 17 Leadership Foundations and LH certificate.


Day 1  – It starts with you! 

AIM: to understand yourself, your motivations and your purpose, create your goals and develop your strategy for success.


Key take aways:

  • Identified and connected with their own natural strengths and preferences by using the LH Dynamics assessment tool
  • Shared their leadership DNA story
  • Written three starting goals based on that understanding, which create the way points on their route map to success
  • Explored the transition from team member to team leader
  • Shared perspectives on the role of the manager and the leader
  • Identified the priorities in the role as a head of department


Day 2 – Communicating with your team 

AIM: to explore how to communicate with others and manage time, tasks and stress to enable us to achieve our goals and to support others to achieve theirs.

Key take aways:

  • Explored how their communication style preference and cultural differences may create obstacles and how to overcome them
    Practiced having courageous conversations for conflict resolution and when to refer to a senior crew member
  • Practiced sharing insights into behaviour with others using the FBI feedback model
  • Demonstrated their understanding of assertive behaviours and how to master them
  • Learned about the causes and effects of stress and how to manage time, tasks and priorities to minimise both
  • Practiced delivering an effective brief/de-brief with their team


Day 3 – Leading your team

AIM: to learn the skills and behaviours that leaders need in order to engage and motivate their teams to achieve their shared goals and deliver results.


Key take aways:

  • Demonstrated how to set effective goals for the team and the individuals within it
  • Learned a model for understanding what their teams need from them in order to achieve the goals
  • Demonstrated an understanding of the different leadership styles and when to use them
  • Practiced having a performance appraisal conversation
  • Understanding of what makes a team and the elements required for a team to achieve high performance


Day 4 – Developing your team 

AIM: to understand how to develop a learning culture onboard which takes into account the differing learning styles and development needs of each of the crew in your team and help them to be the best they can be in their role.


Key take aways:

  • Understanding of the elements required to create a learning culture onboard
  • Learned the principles of training, mentoring and coaching for performance and for development
  • Learned what motivates people and how to link that to their performance goals
  • Created a plan for delegation for development
  • Prepared for a performance conversation
  • Practiced coaching a peer


Duration: 4 days

Dates: 22nd – 25th November 2021

Price : 2 300 € per person