Luxury Hospitality – for Yacht Interior Crew


Course Features

  • Location: Yacht Club Monaco
  • Language: English
  • Lesson: 0
  • Viewers: 160
  • Prerequisites: No
  • Skill Level: Advanced
  • Course Capacity: 12
  • Start Course:


  • 26-30 October
  • 23-27 November


For over 25 years, LH have been training staff and management working in luxury residences,boutique hotels and resorts, as well as crew onboard luxury yachts and top market cruise vessels. 

With this experience behind them, as well as their expert skills and knowledge, LH tailor each proposals to the desires of everyone onsite. 

Everyone at Luxury Hospitality (LH) devotes their lives to luxury hospitality in the biggest sense of the word. Their deep-rooted knowledge has inspired students while simultaneously improving their performance. 


LH vision is “Inspiring excellence in service by developing caring hospitality professionals" .



Designed for Interior Department, Household butler, Service and Housekeeping team, this five days Masters Program alternates theory and practical sessions in either the Yacht Club de Monaco and onboard. Held in English, focuses on excellence of the service.

Training Program :

Our Luxury Hospitality programs have been specially developped for our industry, providing attendees with the ability to improve themselves while becoming truly proficient in the Art of Service.

Our programs are customized for each clients, and ensuring the program is supportive of the culture, philosophy, and approach that the operation desire.


Day 1 and Day 2 : The Luxury Hospitality Service Specialist course is a very hands-on, practical training experience to engage the service mind-set and increase confidence, finesse and expertise in different service areas. (Services styles, Lunch Set-up, Allergies and Intolerance, Body language etc…)

Day 3 : Service and Laundry : Is focused on professional development fine-tunning existing skills, increasing knowledges of interior fabrics, surfaces and maintenance as well as the art of wardrobe management and laundry service. (Wardrobe management rules, Ironing tricks, Handling of delicate items etc…)

Day 4 : Housekeeping : The training focuses on the equipment use on site, we build upon the operationnal manuals that have been created by the staff. Providing tools and technics whilst inspiring everyone with the latest trends in the market available today. (Rules of the housekeeping profesionnals, Housekeeper duties and responsabilities, Room turn-up, Wow factors, etc..)

Day 5 : Valet : Etiquette/Word to use when in contact with guests, Packing/Unpacking Luggage, Folding techniques for diverse garments, How to handle valuable items

Note that is our “normal" training, for a be-spoke program, please feel free to contact us.

Certification :

Each participating staff member is issued a Luxury Hospitality certificate and IAMI GUEST certification. 

The only Internationally Accredited Maritime Hospitality & Service Training and Certification Program available to Crew working in the Luxury Super Yacht sector.

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