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Monaco Weather Lab is a project that has been developed by La Belle Classe Academy (Yacht Club Monaco). It is based in Principauté de Monaco which is one of the busiest and most interesting maritime coastal areas of the Mediterranean Sea.

A number of well esteemed and iconic organisations are based in Monaco; such as Yacht Club de Monaco, “Ports de Monaco”, the  Oceanographic Museum and Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation.


Monaco is also home to a range of company headquarters and operational units such as major shipping companies, insurance groups, yachting service management organisations and technical innovation providers.


Monaco Weather Lab is an ambitious project dedicated to the maritime world and focuses on marine weather, oceanography, climatology and safety at sea. Having the skill to understand marine weather, being able to analyse weather maps and to correctly interpret bulletins is very important for all sailors, masters, crew members, marine operations officers and maritime workers.


Marine weather is strictly connected with technologies like satellite communications, software and hardware. The scientific progress made in the discipline is impressive but there is still a lot to learn, observe and understand. Based in Monaco at La Belle Classe Academy the aim of this project is to organise meetings, workshops and courses pitched at different levels for mariners of all ages and ability, passionate or professional.  In the training programme experts and specialists in marine weather will share their knowledge and experience with course participants. The project and the operational Partners will be presented during the marine weather conference taking place in Monaco in November 2019.